Jawan Movie Review:- story, budget, message of Jawan

Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, and Vijay Sethupathi appear in the pan-Indian film Jawan. On September 6, 2031, it was released under Atlee's direction. It has garnered favourable reviews from critics and viewers, and in just three days, it became the first Bollywood film to gross Rs. 200 crores2. It's a big-budget movie with a strong message.

Jawan Movie Review:- story, budget, message of Jawan

What is the story of Jawan?

The film Jawan tells the story of Azad, an Indian who suffered the worst torture at the hands of a group that cruelly mistreated numerous helpless commoners. After escaping from the gang, he decided not to abandon anyone to harm society. He performs a dual job as a robber and an agent of intelligence. He commandeers a Mumbai Metro and engages in negotiations with NSG agent Narmada Rai, whom he also falls for. He criticises numerous government figures and exposes their corruption through several violent protests that are heavily covered by the media.

What is the budget of Jawan?

One source claims that the budget for Jawan was 300 crore rupees, of which 230 crore were allocated for production and 70 crore for printing and advertising1. At the box office, the film has been a great hit, grossing more than Rs. 350 Crore globally in just three days.

How did critics rate this movie?

Critics have generally given the film favourable reviews, praising Shah Rukh Khan's acting, Atlee's directing, and the political message it conveys. Several of the ratings include:
  • The Indian Express: 3.5/51
  • News18: 4/52
  • Times of India: 3.5/53
  • The Guardian: 4/54

What is the political message of Jawan?

The political theme of Jawan is that Indians should vote sensibly and not let corruption, caste, or religion affect their decisions. The film also addresses concerns that the average person has regarding job, education, and healthcare. In the film, Shah Rukh Khan's persona urges the audience to demand that the leaders answer the pertinent questions and present an impassioned monologue. Various political parties and leaders have engaged in some debate and controversies about the film.