COC New Town Hall 11 Hybrid base for 2023 with Copy link

A strong defense is essential for achieving a higher league in the popular mobile game, Clash of Clans. A good base design can prevent opponents from getting 2 or 3 stars from your base, and since the opponent can always get 1 star from the town hall, it is important to place it in a location where all of the defensive buildings can guard it. In this new town hall 11 hybrid base design, we have placed both the dark elixir storage and the clan castle on opposite sides of the base. This is because most players will attack from the dark elixir storage side, and if they do so, they will not be able to lure the clan castle troops. These troops can be a major factor in winning defenses, so it is important to make it difficult for opponents to lure them.

COC New Town Hall 11 Hybrid base for 2023 with Copy link

The clan castle is placed in the center of the base, and for the clan castle troops, we suggest using a following combination of troops:

  • 1 Lava hound and 1 Balloon
  • Super Minions, 1 Head Hunter, and 5 Archers

All of the important defenses in this base design are placed in the island compartment, so that none of the opponent's troops can reach them except for the archer queen. To counter this, we have set both inferno towers to target a single target, making it difficult for the queen-walk to take out these defensive buildings. With dragons being a common attack strategy, we have set all of the X-bows to target both ground and air targets, so that they can deal with air troops as well. However, if you are experiencing mostly ground attacks, such as bowlers, witches, hog riders, and miners, you can set the X-bows to target ground targets only. We have also placed all of the main defenses, including the inferno towers, X-bows, and air defenses, far from each other, so that they can provide air coverage all over the base, and opponents will not be able to get more value out of using lightning and earthquake spells.

To counter air attacks, we have placed all of the giant bombs and defensive buildings that deal splash damage in strategic locations, so that they can provide splash damage all over the base. Air traps, such as air mines and air bombs, have been placed near the X-bows and inferno towers, respectively, so that they can eliminate opponent's air troops before they reach the main defenses.

Since storage buildings have more hit points than other buildings, we have placed them in front of defensive buildings, so that troops targeted only on defenses can be separated from other ordinary troops. This makes it easier to win defenses. Additionally, we have placed most of the buildings two tiles apart from each other, so that troops like electro dragons and Valkyries cannot target multiple buildings at once.

Overall, this base design is a comprehensive solution to the town hall 11 hybrid base design with a strong defense, CC placement, and air defense, It is easy to understand and implement, and it is sure to keep the opponents at bay and get you the stars you need to upgrade your league. We hope that you like this base design and that it helps you upgrade your village faster. If you do, please share it with your friends and follow us on our social media. You can also copy this base design by clicking on the "Download Now" Button.